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Fiji Shark Behavior & Conservation 

Shark Behavior and Conservation

Get in the water with bull, lemon and reef sharks and study them in their natural habitat. Venture to a Rukua Village and hear stories of a Shark God, then raft in the Navua Gorge. 

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Survey the natural history, biology, behavior, and ecological and social importance of these formidable creatures that now, after millions of years, are in danger of extinction. Observe and study sharks up close in a controlled underwater environment at the Shark Reef Marine Reserve (SRMR). Discover shark habitats and work toward protecting them. There is even time for a cultural visit in a Fijian village, where stories of an ancient protective Shark God are shared. Return from this trip having collected vital data and engaged in cultural exchange. Know that you did your part to ensure the future survival of sharks and the Fijian people.  

Marine science study abroad in Fiji
“Pictures, videos and words can’t even come close to what you actually see and feel like when in the water with the sharks.” — Patrick Goebel, Independence, OH


  • Earn 3 college marine science credits
  • Study shark physiology, habitats, conservation and myths
  • Scuba dive with sharks while collecting data for your own research project
  • Learn about the cultural and historical connection between sharks and Fijian culture
  • Cultural immersion in traditional Fijian villages
  • Journey down the whitewater of the Luva River in inflatable kayaks

Experience Required

  • PADI Open Water
  • Minimum 18 years old
  • High school graduate
  • High school or college biology
  • Minimum GPA: 2.50
  • Completed at least one semester at college or graduated high school over a year ago

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Costs & Dates

Fiji Shark Behavior & Conservation
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  • College
Community Service & Academics
  • 10 Hours
  • 3 Credits
  • Locations
  • Beqa Island
  • Luva River
  • Pacific Harbour

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