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Travel Information

Travel Day

This is generally an easy day, even for the teen that has never traveled alone. We go to great lengths to make sure everything runs smoothly. Before program departure, you will receive detailed travel day instructions, information and contact numbers in the Broadreach parent and student portal.

We ask that you wait until you get the go ahead from us to make your travel arrangements, as airlines often adjust their summer schedules mid-winter. Beginning in March, we will send you detailed information about the group travel plans for your trip and remind you to call STA Travel, our travel partner that handles our group fares and helps us plan smooth and coordinated travel days.

For a limited selection of programs, where group or internal flights are involved, we require participants to use STA Travel to make their air travel plans.

For all other programs, we strongly encourage participants to use STA Travel as well, as they are experienced in travel to our program destinations and frequently offer prices lower than published fares. Often they can arrange for our students to travel with other Broadreach participants. Most importantly, having all Broadreachers go through one travel agency helps us stay informed of schedule changes and find solutions to any travel day problems that may arise.
Contact a Broadreach travel specialist at tel: 919-256-8200, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST, Mon-Fri.

Note: Frequent flyer miles may not be used for some programs because participants travel together on pre-arranged discounted group airfares. Please call our office if you have questions about travel for a specific program.

Below are estimated roundtrip airfares to our program destinations from the USA. Your actual ticket price may be higher or lower depending on your departure city, when you book your flight and availability.

Caribbean Programs: $400-$1000
Central America Programs: $400-$1100
South America Programs: $800-$1400
Egypt and Africa Programs: $1000-$2200
Australia and South Pacific Programs: $1200- $2200
North America Programs: $350-$700

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