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About Us

20 years of real-world learning.

Since 1993, we’ve challenged students to embrace the thrill of real-world learning. We continue to value the idea that complete immersion in global issues and unique cultural experiences enables college students to walk away with a deeper understanding of the world around them. Our accredited courses, accepted at major universities, don’t look like traditional study abroad programs where you trade one campus setting for another. Instead we take education to every corner of the planet: small villages, field research stations, into the ocean or under a jungle canopy. It’s study abroad done an entirely new way. It’s Broadreach College — active, hands-on and real. Emerge from Broadreach College with much more than just transfer credit and great memories. Our students possess deep, applied knowledge of a chosen topic and gain valuable experience for their resumes, demonstrating academic and professional achievements. Not to mention the meaningful connections made with a global community of students, researchers and professionals.

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