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Broadreach Academics

Go beyond the classroom.

At Broadreach College, discover a study abroad program like no other. One where your professor is out there on a Costa Rican beach with you at midnight, counting sea turtle eggs and surveying nests, or where you’re observing New World primates in their natural habitats, not just reading about them in a textbook. While we do our fair share of traditional classroom learning on all our programs, we take things to a new level by layering in hands-on field experience out in the real world.

To meet course objectives, our syllabi blend relevant lectures with dynamic learning approaches until we are completely immersed in a particular topic. We partner with local research institutes, host country schools, and NGOs, and our students have opportunities to work alongside professionals in the field. In South Africa, we help rehabilitate game species at a wildlife sanctuary. In British Columbia, we do conservation work designed to safeguard whale habitats. In Guatemala, we see how non-governmental organizations are funded and organized. Everywhere we go, we learn by doing, researching, witnessing and giving back.

Our real world approach to teaching and learning may be different than most study abroad programs, but it makes perfect sense to Lesley University. This renowned learning institution, in Cambridge, MA, has accredited all of our course offerings and allows students to earn transferrable college credit on each one of our programs.

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