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Financial Aid

Broadreach College is committed to providing meaningful study abroad opportunities to a diverse range of students. Through the Broadreach Foundation, we are able to offer financial aid and scholarships to many of our applicants each year. In addition, our financial aid staff will work with you to devise a plan to make your study abroad experience an affordable one. In many cases, your existing financial aid and student loan packages can be applied to our short-term programs.

Contact your Financial aid advisor or Broadreach College for more information.


Federal Grants

You are able to apply these grants to Broadreach programs. We have done this in the past by using a consortium agreement from your finance office. Consult your financial aid advisor or office for up to date information on availability and limitations:

Federal Pell Grant
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunities Grant (SEOG)

State Grants

In some cases, if you are eligible for State aid, you may be able to apply this aid to study abroad expenses. Check with your financial aid advisor for more information.

Institutional Grants

Many colleges will allow you to apply institutional aid when participating on an approved study abroad program. Ask your financial aid office or study abroad office for more information.

Departmental Grants

Many departments have indepentant grants to help students study abroad. Check with yours, and your financial aid office for any information they may have about them.


David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships for Study Abroad
The National Security Education Program provides scholarships to students who wish to study languages and cultures considered to be important to U.S. national security.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
If you receive a federal Pell grant, you are eligible to apply for a Gilman Scholarship.

Broadreach Scholarships
Many institutions offer partial students scholarships and financial aid while studying abroad, as do we! Check our offerings out for this year.

Federal Loans

Federal Stafford Loans
Federal Stafford Loans are available to all students. If you qualify based on financial need, the federal government subsidizes your loan by paying the interest on the loan as long as you are enrolled in school.

Federal Perkins Loans
Federal Perkins Loans are low interest loans awarded to students based on demonstrated financial need.

Parent PLUS Loans
Parent PLUS Loans are available for parents to help finance your education.

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