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Broadreach College attracts students from a diverse array of academic disciplines and institutions. Together, they possess a strong desire for hands-on experiences out in the real world. But that desire doesn’t fade when their Broadreach experience ends. If anything it strengthens, fueling a lifelong passion for learning and a never-ending curiosity for the world, its issues and its people. Meet a few of our recent alumni and see where their individual passions have led:

Caitlin Shields - Marine Mammal Ecology - British Columbia

Driven by a love of marine mammals, Caitlin completed our Marine Mammal Ecology program in British Columbia in 2009, and she has continued to learn and work in the field ever since. She recently completed an internship at Dolphin Quest’s facility in Hawaii, and now works as an animal trainer in the Sea Lion, Walrus, and Otter Stadium at SeaWorld San Antonio. Caitlin credits her Broadreach experience with helping her accomplish her dream of becoming a marine mammal trainer, “Not only did it help me understand the natural history, environment and natural behaviors of marine mammals, but also become the person I am today.”

Dan Freitas - Tropical Marine Biology - Bahamas

The Caribbean Marine Biology program helped prepare Dan for his current job working as an engineer on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) vessel Okeanos Explorer, a survey vessel performing multi-beam ocean floor mapping. He is currently earning his degree at Coastal Carolina University for Marine Science and works at NOAA during the summers to further his field experience. Not only did his trip help prepare him for his position with NOAA, but it was also the time of his life. When looking back on Broadreach he remarked, “For the rest of my life, the greatest stories I will tell my friends and family will be about this trip!”

Andrew Poulin - Shark Behavior & Conservation - Fiji

Inspired by his instructors on our Fiji Shark Behavior & Conservation program, Andrew discovered a passion for teaching and youth development, and he is now a Broadreach staff member. Most recently, he has led several programs in the Caribbean and in Baja, becoming the role model for our current students that his instructors once were for him. When not running Broadreach trips, he is a teacher at King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan. “My Broadreach experiences, both as a student and as an instructor—learning and teaching in a real-word setting—influenced my path to becoming a teacher in Jordan.”

Victoria Gomez - Shark Behavior & Conservation - Fiji

Victoria studied Marine Biology and Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island. She is now working towards her Masters in Renewable Resourses with a Marine focus in Australia.

She participated in our J-Term Rescue & Divemaster Course, Fiji Stark Behavior & Conservation , and worked as an Intern with us as she completed her PADI Instructor course. Her work experience includes the Mystic Aquarium and Institiute for Exploration and Seastar Cruises. Her experiences studying and working for Broadreach have helped her choose her career path and inspired her to travel the world.
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