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Scotland & Ireland Animal Nutrition 


This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of animal nutrition as well as optimal nutrition programs for various species. Gain an understanding of the six essential nutrients — carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water — and how to differentiate between them. Examine the nutritional needs of herbivores and non-herbivore as well as ruminant and non-ruminant herbivores. Through discussions with experts, coursework and hands-on field studies, learn about the energy needs of different animals, the role of amino acids and how nutrition impacts disease states.

Students interested in pursuing a college and career path in veterinary medicine will find real value in shadowing professional vets and witnessing how dietary supplementation is used to regulate gene expression, pregnancy outcome, immune function and meat quality.

Scotland & Ireland Animal Nutrition offers 3 college credits through Lesley University.


  • Study the science of animal nutrition in two countries recognized as leaders in the field of animal science
  • See the connection between animal health and human health
  • Understand how livestock, wildlife and the environment are all interconnected
  • Work with cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs, gaining a deeper understanding of the health and welfare of livestock
  • Examine strategies for sustainable aquaculture, both for commercial markets and as a means of feeding the world’s poorer communities
  • Examine how scientists are working to improve animal nutrition through the use of enzymes, feed additives and probiotics

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At a Glance

Community Service & Academics
  • 5 Hours
  • 3 Credits
College Credit
  • 3 animal science Credits

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