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France Language & Culinary Arts 


This course offers an intensive study of French through the lens of France’s culinary culture. Through daily engagement in French cuisine and culinary topics, advance your knowledge of French tenses, conjugation, idiomatic expressions, syntax, and style. By the end of this program, you will be an adept communicator on the topic of cuisine and prepared to apply your newly acquired communication skills in diverse francophone settings. This course is the perfect preparation for continued study in French and will bolster your confidence to engage independently with French language and culture.

“Every day has been packed full of adventure, exploration, learning, and a lot of fun. I have absorbed so much new information about the French language, and most importantly, myself. The people I have met on this trip have truly changed my life.” — Emily O., New York, NY


  • Improve French listening, reading, writing and speaking skills through formal language lessons and hands-on culinary instruction
  • Learn French grammar, syntax, verb tenses and conjugation, vocabulary and style
  • Develop oral communication skills to become an adept communicator in a variety of culinary settings
  • Obtain basic competencies in cuisine and will be able to prepare 2-3 traditional French dishes by the end of the course
  • Develop basic chef skills including cutting methods, sauce preparations and meal planning
  • Learn about French history and culture through discussions, workshops, lectures and homestays
  • Explore the full life cycle of food and the processes behind oil pressing, cheese production and bread making
  • Experience the 'artisanal' aspect of French cuisine and participate in Europe's growing farm-to-table movement


  • Overview of the origins and evolution of French cuisine
  • Food and cooking chemistry
  • Olive oil production
  • Organic farming methods
  • Viniculture
  • Restaurant management and hospitality
  • French language in the kitchen – professional vocabulary


  • French language immersion through formal language lessons and workshops
  • French culinary courses taught by Michelin-star French chefs
  • Vineyard tour and wine tasting
  • Olive oil production
  • Goat and honey farm ecology

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At a Glance

Community Service & Academics
  • 10 Hours
  • 3 Credits
College Credit
  • 3 French language Credits
  • Prerequisites
  • No prerequisites

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