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India Global Medicine 


This program explores the world of medicine on a global scale, and gives students who want to pursue medicine or public health a rare chance to experience a global healthcare system full-circle. Get hands-on medical experience shadowing doctors in local hospitals and assisting professionals in a rural clinic. This program introduces you to not only academic subject areas taught in medical school or a public health program, but also field experience in public health initiatives.


  • Learn about the key aspects of global health research and practice
  • Understand the greater context (global, political, organizational, economic, and social) that can promote or constrain public health interventions
  • Gain exposure to life as a medical professional by shadowing physicians, working in the pharmacy, and supporting surgical brigades
  • Examine the social and biological determinants of health
  • Study tropical infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases
  • Learn the principles of Ayurveda medicine and then experience for yourself the health benefits of yoga and meditation

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At a Glance

Community Service & Academics
  • 50 Hours
  • 3 Credits
College Credit
  • 3 health science Credits
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