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Peru Spanish & Culture 

Spanish Language and Culture

Spanish Language and Culture


This is a 23-day cultural immersion and community service intensive course designed so students achieve a conversational level of Spanish in addition to an exposure and appreciation of the Peruvian culture. Students will experience different aspects of Peru while hiking down the Inca Trail into Machu Picchu, attending language school in the small community of Taray, and finally working within the surrounding communities of Caraz on community development projects alongside the Peace Corps.


  • Comprehend and utilize daily expressions and simple phrases
  • Be able to introduce themself and others, and ask for and give information about where one lives, belongings and the people one knows
  • Communicate in an elementary way with a person that speaks slowly, clearly and that is willing to cooperate


  • Upon arrival to Taray, students will be evaluated and put into one of three language level
  • Every morning each student will be in a formal classroom setting for four hours
  • In the afternoons, students will participate in talleres or cultural workshops


  • 2-hour cooking class
  • 2-hour Peruvian music workshop
  • 2-hour overview of Peru history and culture
  • 2-hour salsa class
  • 2-hour Quechua class
  • 2 hour excursion to salt mines of Maras

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Peru Spanish & Culture
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Community Service & Academics
  • 55 Hours
  • 3 Credits
Contact Hours
  • 32 Hours
College Credit
  • 3 Spanish language Credits
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