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Spain & Morocco Multimedia Studies 


This course will explore media in the modern age and its implications on the world through three disciplines weaved together through inspiration and creativity; photography, writing, and video. Students will build on their media skills learned throughout the course, supplementing each discipline with the previous as they progress.

Section 1: Photography Students will explore the Andalucia region of Spain, focusing on capturing images. Photography skills that will be learned are: • The ethics of picture taking and safe travel habits • Technical aspects of how to operate a digital still camera • Exposure, f-stop and depth of field, shutter speed, white-balance • Composition, lighting, and exposure techniques • Verbal and written evaluation of photographs based on professional standards

Section 2: Writing Students will explore northern Morocco while learning basic writing techniques and composing short narratives based on experience. Creative nonfiction requires you to make poetic observations, investigate your subject, and write like a novelist. During this section, students will read some of the most influential prose of the past decades to fuel their own experiments in travel narrative, personal essays, and immersive journalism. Students will learn to develop a piece from initial concept through reporting, writing, and review.

Section 3: Videography Students will curate their own mini-video project using an application platform to produce their work, applying many of the same skills learned in the photography section. Project editing will be based off students existing editing backgrounds, from no previous experience to those have worked in programs such as Premiere and Final Cut Pro.


  • Understand how to experiment with photography to capture images that are representative of an experience and can be used to supplement a written narrative
  • Learn the fundamentals of writing basic creative non-fiction pieces
  • Participate in and understand the impacts of capturing video footage and what is and is not appropriate in cultural contexts
  • Blend together the three disciplines to create a portfolio of work that captures the essence of their journey and will understand how these mediums can be used in a larger context

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Community Service & Academics
  • 8 Hours
  • 2 Credits
College Credit
  • 2 arts and photography Credits

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