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Scandinavia Urban Design 


This course is a field study of sustainable urban design and a hands-on exploration of a timely topic from a multidisciplinary perspective. Contrast how new ideas and initiatives in green urban planning present multi-layered issues that affect a number of different stakeholders. Through the study of cultural and geographic histories, discussions with policymakers, on-site data collection and observation plus STEM-based analyses of sustainable systems, gain a deeper understanding of how innovative urban planners Denmark and Sweden have been able to harness and utilize their surroundings to create a future model for cities around the world. Leave not only with an enlightened perspective but also an ability to take concepts you’ve learned and apply them to your own community.

Key Topics
1. Analysis and creation of a bike-friendly infrastructure and public transportation systems
2. The design of a deliberate, sustainable neighborhood with a shared sense of responsibility when it comes to reuse and conservation
3. Applying proven concepts of sustainable urban design to unique situations in other countries and communities


  • Explore the rich history of Sweden and Denmark's city development and understand the forces that have ushered in sustainable innovations
  • Quantify the environmental qualities of an area through objective observation, usage tracking and mapping
  • Take a holistic view and learn how to critique the design of a city based on its safety, usability, aesthetic design and its encouragement of creativity, play, communion and overall social well-being
  • Present new ideas in front of community leaders, city planners and politicians and defend your positions, using STEM to validate your argument

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At a Glance

Community Service & Academics
  • 5 Hours
  • 3 Credits
College Credit
  • 3 international development Credits

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