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Scotland & Ireland Animal Nutrition 

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Day 1-3

Explore awe-inspiring surroundings

After arriving in the port city of Glasgow, we transfer to Oban in the historic shire of Argyll. From there, we launch a boat to the Isles of Mull and Iona, a sacred place once invaded by Viking warriors. Look for whales and dolphins swimming just offshore and spot magnificent seabirds all along its rocky outcroppings. After a day of getting to know the group, we chart a course for the Isle of Staffa and the spectacular Fingal’s Cave — a 227-foot cavern and geologic wonder hollowed by fractured basalt columns.


Day 4-9

Your vet rotation begins

In Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh, do an intensive weeklong rotation at an internationally accredited veterinary school. Learn from some of top animal health and nutrition experts in the field, combining research, clinical work and active field study. Plus, visit the Roslin Institute where the famed Dolly the Sheep was cloned. We head to an equine farm and other university farms, working with livestock. Plus, partner with an international non-profit focused on developing animal vaccines, medicines and diagnostics to improve animal health and welfare. Just nine days in, it quickly becomes apparent how Scotland, with its abundance of natural resources and large concentration of animal health researchers, has become a pioneer in nutrition.


Day 10-14

From farm to table to planet

For this next segment, we make out way back to Glasgow to work at a farm and research center. Witness how professional veterinarians engage with the cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry in residence and discover the connection between animal health, human health and the environment. Visit a licensed feed mill to see how scientists are working to improve animal nutrition through the use of enzymes, feed additives and probiotics. Before transferring to Ireland, we make our way to historic Stirling to visit a leading aquaculture research institute and learn about nutrition for farmed fish and its role in global food supplies.


Day 15-21

Compare different approaches to animal nutrition

In Ireland, discover how different nutrition practices have the potential to yield vastly different animal health outcomes. Go on multiple farm visits in scenic County Kildare. Then, contrast your experience with a tour of the nearby Cargill facility and witness animal feed production up close. Outside of working with animals and learning from vets and nutritionists, we find time to soak up the awe-inspiring beauty of coastal Ireland. In County Clare, venture to the Cliffs of Moher and talk a walk on the edge. Ride horses at Curraghkyle House near Corofin, also in County Clare. Then, we make our way to the Burren Birds of Prey Centre where students have the opportunity to interact with eagles, falcons, hawks and owls from around the world.

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