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Scandinavia Video Studies - College 


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Day 1-5


Anyone can point and shoot a video camera. But knowing how to compose a professional video project and make it compelling— from storyboard through final edit — separates the filmmakers from the amateurs. Stockholm, Sweden’s glorious capital, is our first stop on this epic adventure. Get comfortable with your video equipment, then start gathering hours of footage as you tour the grand Royal Place, take a guided boat tour of the city’s endless waterways and visit the Millesgarden, a sculpture garden on the island of Lidingö. Practice shot composition around Gamla Stan (Old Town). Learn the proper way to capture sound in Stockholm’s design-centric districts. Check out the city’s many espresso labs and indie stores, and find unusual and fascinating subjects to cast in your narrative.


Day 6-10


As you're starting to discover, filmmaking is as much a physical craft as it is a creative one. We take that notion to new extremes as we venture into the wilderness for a hands-on log raft building adventure. Create your raft out of real logs and ropes, then float it down the Klarälven River. Be transported to a world of natural beauty and tranquility, where birds, flowering meadows and the quiet calm of the forest serve as your score and backdrop. There is no end to the amount of B-roll footage and Instagram clips you can capture here, giving your story added poignancy with symbolism and metaphor. Next it’s on to city of Göteborg, where nature blends seamlessly with a vibrant city life. Spend a day exploring its craggy cliffs, checking out its trendy art scene and connecting with warm, welcoming people.


Day 11-14


Norway’s Lofoten Islands are often hailed as "the place" where filmmakers go to shoot sweeping, snowy landscapes that exist nowhere else on the planet. Picture a landscape of majestic mountains, deep fjords and singing seabird colonies. This is the place where the midnight sun rises and the northern lights shine bright. Pilot a video drone into areas that were once unreachable and see firsthand how video innovation can have a direct effect on your overall narrative. Down from the mountains exists a wilderness of staggering beauty. See a different side of this vast landscape on a sea kayaking adventure in deep blue waters, past surf-swept beaches and authentically Scandinavian fishing villages.


Day 15-0


Famous for the seven mountains surrounding its city center, Bergen is a sight to behold. Lose yourself in the architecture of the chic waterfront district. See pure Norwegian culture on full display in coffee shops and restaurants, in the fish markets, in Old Town and on hilly, picturesque streets. The light shimmers off the water in this stunning harbor town and flares of beauty are always camera-ready. Our primary focus here is on editing techniques using Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or iMovie, and prepping our work to be shared with public audiences.


Day 19-21


All aboard the famed Oslo-Bergen Railway, passing fjords and forests on a stunning seven-hour journey to Oslo — Norway’s cosmopolitan hub. Art and culture are alive and well in Norway’s capital. As we explore the museums and city streets of Oslo, we put the finishing touches on our video projects and prepare to unveil them to the local art community and your fellow filmmakers. Leave Scandinavia with new skills, a growing body of work and a desire to take your camera even further.

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