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India Global Medicine 

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Day 1-5

Bright colors, caves and culture

Touch down in India and immediately begin to soak in the sounds, colors, scents and people of India. Your journey into the world of medicine begins with an orientation in Mumbai, a city bustling with activity and one of the world's most populous cities. Get the lay of the land with a panoramic view of India’s capital from some of its most significant landmarks, from the Kamla Nehru Park to the Hanging Gardens. Then hop on a train and travel to Aurangabad to uncover Indian cultural history through ancient Buddhist cave art in the Adjanta and Ellora Caves.


Day 6-14

Jump into real-world medicine

Leave the bustling city life behind for the lush and vibrant Kodaikanal, nicknamed “The Gift of the Forest.” Begin your exploration of medicine with two weeks of intensive medical experience through a local nonprofit organization. Participate in both real-world clinical and health education projects, support public health initiatives, and practice face to face with real patients. Take a weekend break in the heart of the forest to recharge and partake in the ancient Indian practice of yoga. Surrounded on all sides by misty jungle vistas, you’ll take part in daily yoga and meditation sessions, exploring the physical, mental and spiritual core of the practice.


Day 15-18

A future in public health?

Refreshed from your wild explorations, resume your medical service back in Kodaikanal, where you’ll spend mornings learning the fundamentals of clinical practice—shadowing doctors during their hospital rounds, working in the pharmacy and contributing to ongoing medical campaigns. In the afternoons, you’ll shift to a public health focus by preparing educational materials and teaching at a women’s group and working with children at a local clinic.


Day 19-25


After wrapping up your two-week medical stint, you’ll use the last days of the trip to put India’s healthcare into context and survey some of the country’s cultural highlights. Travel to Kerala to study Ayurveda, India’s traditional system of Hindu healing, and float along the Kerala Backwaters, a long network of waterways hugging the coast. From visiting villages to building boats and going “toddy tapping”—extracting a 'beer' from palm trees—you’ll spend your last days in India collecting just a few more new experiences to take home.

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