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Iceland Photography & Portfolio Design 

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Day 1-6

Welcome to a photographer's dream

You may feel like you’ve landed on another planet as you touch down just west of the Arctic Ocean. Absorb the landscape on your way to nearby Reykjavík, Iceland's coastal capital. Visit the Reykjanes lava fields and warm up your shutter finger among volcanic craters, hot springs and geothermal waters. Take in the brightly colored rooftops, experimental architecture and friendly residents. Begin your photo lessons and explore Thingvellir, trying your hand at dry suit snorkeling between two continental plates.


Day 6-11

Hone your craft among nature's wonders

It’s time to move east along the Ring Road, Iceland’s main route that circles the entire island. Visit the roaring Seljalandsfoss waterfall and practice your long exposures as you walk behind it. Hike Thórsmörk, an enormous, rocky mountain ridge named for the Norse god, Thor, and get a panoramic view of your sea-level surroundings. Walk across a glacier at Vik, then meet puffins in the wild and watch them swim, dive and nest through the lens of your camera. Take in the distinct Skaftafell waterfall, called “black” for its basalt walls created by cooling lava. Walk the iceberg-dotted beaches and lagoon of Jökulsárlón and take a dip in its glacial lake, if you dare!


Day 12-18

Capture wildlife, landscapes and village life

Venture north of civilization and visit sites near Mývatn, a shallow lake in the middle of an active volcanic area. Pause to take in two more waterfalls, Detitfoss and Hafragilsfoss, and the amusingly familiar patterns (called crater plugs) formed by Hljóðaklettar’s basaltic column. See Ásbyrgi canyon, the “Shelter of the Gods,” and take in the beauty of Iceland's fjords as you kayak through sparkling blue waters. Before moving on to editing, stop at the picturesque harbor town of Húsavík, the whale-watching capital of Iceland, to board a boat. Get your camera ready as humpbacks, dolphins and porpoises put on a show.


Day 19-21

Edit your professional portfolio

Make your way to the quiet southeastern town of Eyrarbakki to work in the studio, honing your Lightroom and Photoshop skills as you edit down the vast library of images you’ve accumulated and polish them into a final, professional level portfolio. Take a printing workshop and start compiling your amazing photographs into a portfolio. Take a break from photo editing to go horseback riding along the beach. Present your final portfolio to the group, and enjoy watching one another’s work and remembering each moment of your unbelievable journey. Then prepare to travel home, with professional photography experience and the portfolio to prove it.

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