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Panama Photography 

Introduction to Photography

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+/- summer travel programs for college students in Panama

Day 1-8

See the landscape

Whether you have always wanted to learn photography or you have a camera and don’t know how to use it, this course is for you! Panama is over stimulating in its visual diversity. From the dynamic urban landscape to stop-you-in-your-tracks natural beauty, it’s up to you to frame and shoot it in such a way that tells a larger story. Your travel photography skills are tested almost immediately as we fly to Isla Bastimentos, an island paradise off Panama’s Caribbean coast. There, we encounter an indigenous Gnobe community as well as a national park dotted with coral cayes and rainforest lined beaches. Learn the basics of digital photography, with a particular focus on the technical abilities of your camera. Look around the island while manipulating aperture and shutter speed. Rainforest shadows, summer sun and gorgeous sunsets provide ample opportunity to adjust to different lighting environments. With practice, the art of photographic composition begins to emerge. This is how photography was meant to be learned.

+/- photography study abroad college summer program

Day 9-13

Frame the shot

Back on the mainland, venture up and over the continental divide through La Amistad International Park. Our destination is Boquete, a hip little town in the Jaramillo range. Hike through cloud forest to dramatic waterfalls and go whitewater rafting down Rio Chiriqui. We continue to refine the art of using our cameras, with a focus on building additional technical skills and creativity. We learn Lightroom editing techniques, and cover the full process of producing photos for print and online media. Take action shots of new friends while they learn to rock climb or find inspiration in the nearby scenic mountains, in a poison dart frog or in the history of a coffee plantation. Half the fun of the course is spending time with friends, but we also use each other for feedback about our photos in a constant quest for improvement.

+/- study photography abroad in Panama

Day 14-19

Capture it

Every second of every day is a potential photo opportunity. Make sure your finger is trigger-happy because inspiration can strike at any moment. Find the perfect angle while watching your fiends learn to surf. Make an expedition to Isla de Coiba, a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts astounding biodiversity with howler monkeys, macaws and over 20 species of whales and dolphins that thrive in this protected environment. Around every bend lies something new and a chance to hone your skills. Refine the delicate balance between light and lens and begin to take on photo assignments that further challenge your technical and artistic abilities.

+/- summer study abroad photography programs for college students

Day 20-25

Create a stunning portfolio of professional images

The final days of the trip are spent working on your portfolio and final project in the quintessential mountain village of Santa Fe. Edit pictures you have already taken, or embark on a new photo assignment. Get to know the local community while working on local projects and learning about Panamanian life from a different perspective. Your final portfolio contains your memories of an amazing trip, while serving as a professional start to a real photography portfolio. Educational. Emotional. Experiential. This is a college photography course done the Broadreach way - a small group of friends traveling the world learning how to take photos that reflect the amazing world around us.

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