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Spain & Morocco Multimedia Studies 

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Day 1-6


Chapter One: Photography. The Andalucía region of southern Spain provides a rich backdrop of sun-drenched mountains, authentic Spanish villages, historic monuments and endless inspiration. Set out with camera in hand and learn how to put technical principles of photography into practice. Experiment with different techniques, including f-stop, depth of field and shutter speed, and begin to develop your own personal style and feel. As we tour the capital city of Madrid and immerse ourselves in the passions of its people, we find our multimedia muse. In Granada, your confidence behind the camera grows. Play with composition, lighting, and different exposure techniques as you photograph the splendor of the Alhambra, a 9th century fortress and later, a royal palace. Eat paella, dance the flamenco and capture a multitude of fascinating subjects and landscapes, collecting imagery for the photography portion of your developing narrative.


Day 7-12


Chapter Two: Writing. Whether you’ve imagined yourself working as a travel writer, photojournalist or film documentarian, the Moroccan segment of the adventure will show you how to channel a worldly curiosity into short narratives that highlight a distinct part of the planet through your own personal experiences. From the cafes of Tangier to the blue walls of Chefchaouen, and from the medieval glory and old-world charm of Fes to the glittering markets and spice-scented air of Marrakech, Morocco is a setting and place like no other. Take it all in and experience the process of developing a concept from inception through investigation, writing and review. Whether on camelback across the Sahara, during encounters with the indigenous Berber people or in a hot air balloon high above the Atlas Mountains, there are millions of stories here, longing to be told. What's yours?


Day 13-21


Chapter Three: Video. As the journey continues, we begin to gain a deeper understanding of how a compelling 21st century multimedia narrative takes shape — seamlessly blending photography, written words and video. Capture moving images to add new storytelling layers in the city of Fes, Morocco’s cultural capital. Pass through the archways of the Bab Boujloud and immediately immerse yourself in the city’s authentic souks (bazaars). Learn to curate and edit your story using different platforms, and build toward a finished piece that tells a unique story and hits all of the senses. In the night markets of Marrakech or on a desert tent safari near Zagora, you’ll learn how to use multimedia techniques to skillfully and creatively express your individual point of view.

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