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Scotland & Ireland Animal Nutrition 


Scotland is a magnificent landscape of castles and caves, as well as home to some of the world’s leading research institutes in animal health and nutrition. Ireland is a real-world vet lab of rolling hills, craggy coasts and a panorama of green. Together, they offer countless old treasures and opportunities for new discoveries, as a future veterinarian and global explorer.

Upon arrival in Glasgow, we depart on a boat tour to Mull and Iona, two of Scotland’s most dramatic Isles. Marvel at wildlife both on- and offshore. In the world capital of Edinburgh, spend a week training at a renowned vet school. Then, venture to the iconic cliffs of County Clare, Ireland and the natural beauty of County Kildare, for up close encounters with horses, birds of prey and more.

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Scotland & Ireland

These two agricultural pioneers have earned their reputation as one of the foremost places in the world to study vet medicine.

Take a holistic approach to studying nutrition and its impact on animal health. Visit farms, a feed mill, a vet school and a leading aquaculture research institute.

County Clare
Rolling hills, craggy coasts, Stone Age monuments and towering cliffs — it’s all here and all in one place. This is western Ireland at its best.

County Kildare
Once home to the legendary Ernest Shackleton, County Kildare invites new explorers to experience its rivers, ruins and splendid castles.

Scotland’s capital city is a hub of cosmopolitan life and rich history, seen in its old and new architecture, including the towering Edinburgh Castle.

This port on the River Clyde is Scotland’s second largest city. Renowned for its rich shipbuilding and boating heritage, Glasgow today is an art and music mecca.

Isles of Mull, Iona and Staffa
Scotland’s dramatic west coast is sacred and wild. It’s home to rocky cliffs, a famous sea cave on an uninhabited island and possibly the world’s cutest puffins.

Scottish history comes alive in this central belt village. A fortress and preserved medieval old town can be viewed from the iconic William Wallace Monument.

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