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Caribbean Marine Reserves 

Marine Conservation


Climb aboard in the marina of Anse Marcel Bay, on the northern tip of St. Martin, and set sail for the fragile marine parks of Statia, Saba and St. Barts. Just off Gustavia harbor in St. Barts exist massive corals in full bloom and waters filled with healthy turtles, rays and more. Shame that this underwater paradise is being threatened by over-fishing and dive tourism. Which is where you come in. Your work here is to keep the pristine looking pristine.

Now take what you’ve learned in St. Barts and apply it in St. Eustatius, or Statia, as it’s commonly known. In fact, this trip is all about taking knowledge and experience and putting it to immediate use out in the real works. Statia, a tiny Dutch island southwest of St. Barts, is happy to oblige. Not only does this island itself look and feel like the Caribbean of twenty years ago, it’s sponge and coral covered underwater landscapes are a throwback to. Let’s keep them that way.

“I had an amazing experience with them and couldn't be happier that I did another trip with Broadreach at this period in my life.” — Laura Moore, Lookout Mountain, TN

Arrive on Saba, a rugged jewel in the Leeward Islands. Dutch may be the official language here. But diving is the “official official” language. Your role is to dive down and discover soaring pinnacles, brilliant coral and abundant marine life, and protect this paradise from ever-encroaching forces. The Saba Marine Park is easily accessible from your home base at the Rainforest Eco-lodge – a ten-minute hike from the main village of Windwardside.

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Caribbean Marine Parks

The marine parks of St. Barts, Statia and Saba: beautiful, pristine, healthy, at risk. Dive in.

Twenty years from now, the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands won’t look the way they do now. If you have anything to do with it, they’ll look even better.

programs for teenagers in SabaSaba
Pristine, bio-diverse marine parks with pinnacles that jut right out of the sea. The best diving anywhere in the Caribbean.

hike Mt. Scenery with teens in the CaribbeanMt. Scenery
An active volcano, overlooking Windwardside village. Only 1064 steps to the top and you'll be at highest point in the kingdom of the Netherlands.

summer camp for teens in the CaribbeanEco-Lodge Rendezvous
Limit your impact to the environment. Maximize your impact to the Saba’s Marine Parks. This lodge is your base on Saba.

St. Barts
St. Barts is a Caribbean fantasy come true: crystal blue waters, thriving underwater ecosystems, and Caribbean joie de vivre.

Anse Marcel, St. MartinSt. Martin
In Grand Case bay, soak up crystal blue waters and a mile and a half beach with the finest white sand your feet have ever felt.

adventure camp in StatiaStatia
On St. Eustatius (Statia), discover a wealth and diversity of wreck dives. Hike into the crater of “The Quill” volcano.

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