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Cambodia Microfinance 


Cambodia, nestled between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, is one of the friendliest and most beautiful countries in all of Asia. It’s also one of the poorest—where an estimated 15 million live below the poverty line. Outside the walls of the famed Angkor Wat, are communities struggling to emerge from years of civil conflict and oppression. It’s a complex country with a rich history and also a heavy heart. Yet despite its recent past, despite its many challenges, Cambodia is incredibly optimistic about the future.

The energy and enthusiasm of ordinary Cambodians is seen at every stop in our journey. It’s in the local street markets of Phnom Penh, in the floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake and the Mekong River and it's in the South Cardamom Mountains—where sustainable tourism is having a significant effect. You feel a positive force in the mountain villages of Mondulkiri province, where loans to women are literally changing lives.

We visit temples in Siem Reap, beaches in Koh Rong and witness the heart of microfinance in the capital of Phnom Pehn, taking away a deeper understanding of global poverty and our ability to reverse it.

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This incredibly beautiful and complex country is filled with optimism and a belief in possibility.

Visit floating villages, uninhabited and unspoiled beaches, mangrove forests and Phnom Penh–the center of microfinance.

Koh Kong
This eco-tourist friendly province of Southern Cambodia is home to mangrove forests, stunning waterfalls and wild nature preserves.

Koh Rong
The largest of a group of tranquil, palm-fringed outer islands, with crystal blue waters and unspoiled white sand beaches.

Phnom Penh
Cambodia’s bustling capital city is home to the National Museum, famed Buddhist temples and lively street markets.

Siem Reap
This French-Indochinese town in the Northern Cambodia province of Angkor is home to tree-lined streets and famous ruins.

South Cardamon Mountains
The largest wilderness area in Southeast Asia, these protected mountains are home to elephants, tigers and sambhar deer.

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