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Guatemala International Development 


Quetzaltenango is the center of volunteer activities in Guatemala. A large number of local non-profits are concentrated in this Western Highlands town and focus on everything from environmental protection, social justice, children’s needs, women’s equality and more. These groups exist and operate within the larger framework and goals of internationally recognized organizations. This is the ideal place to dive into community service.

The bulk of this trip is spent in Quetzaltenango, or Xela for short. The city is formed and framed by ten volcanic peaks that give way to vast expanses, dense rainforest and tiny hillside villages populated by indigenous tribes. Take in the area’s natural beauty and mystical lakes, or engage one-on-one with its friendly, welcoming people. Side trips to Lake Atitlán (the deepest in Central America) and Chichicastenango prove just how diverse this area really is.

Guatemala as a whole is the perfect backdrop for a trip focused on service and service organizations. In fact, the full measure of your achievements will be felt from the frenzy of Xela to the rugged Western Highlands, in remote Mayan villages, and on the beaches of the Pacific Coast.

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Lush, wild, vast, frenzied and rugged. Call it what you will, Guatemala is all those and more.

Flock to lakes, beaches, volcanoes, coffee farms and indigenous villages that dot the map.

This Western Highlands town draws Guatemalans to its bustling markets, where vendors sell food, pottery, crafts and more.

Lago de Atitlan
Lake Atitlán is shrouded in beauty and surrounded by colorful indigenous towns.

The heart of Guatemalan’s volunteer industry. Xela for short, is the largest town in Guatemala’s rugged Western Highlands.

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