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Dominican Republic WFR & Medical Spanish 


Come explore the amazing geographical diversity of the Dominican Republic while learning medical Spanish, earning WFR certification and making a real difference in the lives of rural people.

We’ll travel from one end of this spectacular country to the other, starting on the Caribbean side with visits to coral reefs and the oldest city in the New World. Then on to the Atlantic Coast and its breathtaking white sand beaches. After a reviving trip into the mountains, it’s time to head to the western border with Haiti to make a real and lasting contribution to public health.

“I feel confident now to help people in a wilderness context and hope to use my skills in the near future.” — Leah Tavasi, Westfield, NJ

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Dominican Republic

As you move from white sand beaches to small villages in the mountainous interior, you can effect real change in the lives of Dominicans.

Learn firsthand how connecting with people in their own language can lead to better healthcare outcomes.

Deep in the heart of the Dominican Republic, surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest, Jarabacoa boasts a climate that suggests eternal springtime.

Las Galeras
Peaceful Las Galeras, on the Atlantic coast, welcomes visitors from around the world to its white sand beaches yet retains an isolated charm.

Las Terrenas
Perched on the edge of the Samana peninsula, Las Terrenas defines tropical paradise: pristine beaches, ocean breezes and perfect weather year round.

Parque Nacional del Este
Located on the southeastern tip and home to hundreds of birds, marine animals and plants, this is one of the Caribbean’s largest parks.

On the border with Haiti, villages cluster in the mountains and great natural beauty coexists with extreme poverty.

Santo Domingo
Established by the brother of Christopher Columbus in 1496, this is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the New World.

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