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Ecuador Tropical Biology 

Tropical Ecology and Biodiversity


On this hands-on adventure in field studies, we don’t sit still. We certainly don’t sit still in a classroom for three weeks. This is a peripatetic journey through Ecuador, the Andes Mountains, the Amazon and Galapágos Islands designed to envelop you in the natural world. Travel from lively Quito to the Andes Mountains, the Amazon jungle and on to the Galapágos archipelago. Behold the wonders of the natural world while working at an biological reserve in the north or exploring the islands off the coast.

“I am going to try to take home the joy I have found here.” — Ryan Djay, Kirkland, WA

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An equator runs through it. As do modern and colonial cities, snowcapped Andean peaks and an island chain line no other.

Start in Quito. From there, a world of Ecuadorian treasures: trails to misty cloud forest, the Amazon jungle and ecologically diverse islands of the Galapágos archipelago.

Amazon Research Station
On the north bank of the Tiputini River, our research station is in the middle of a pristine lowland rainforest and the perfect location for studying life both on the ground and in the canopy.

Andes Mountains
Partially built by past Broadreach students, our research site is dedicated to protecting 1,000 hectares of stunning cloud forest surrounding the El Reventador Volcano.

Galápagos Islands
600 miles west off mainland Ecudaor lies this cluster of volcanic islands overflowing with diverse flora and fauna and more endemic species than anywhere on earth.

Study Spanish in Ecuador at academic summer campQuito
9350 feet above sea level and well above your expectations: A historic city center and passionate culture that’s fully alive on every single cobblestone.

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