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Scandinavia Video Studies - College 



Embark on a filmmaker’s fantasy through Sweden and Norway on this Scandinavian adventure sure to make even the most seasoned videographers jealous. Dynamic Stockholm, with its waterways and bridges is the first of many awe-inspiring shoot locations. Step foot on the medieval alleyways of Gamla Stan, or Old Town, then bounce to the inner island of Lidingö, where beautiful harbors give way to large, green forests.

After a an epic log rafting river adventure, a ferry transports us to Göteborg, located on Sweden’s west coast, halfway between Denmark and the city of Oslo. From there, we venture high up to Norway’s Lofoten Islands, far above the Arctic Circle. See the Northern Lights up close while taking in the area’s majestic beauty. The journey concludes in Bergen and Oslo, two of Norway’s most charming and cosmopolitan cities.

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From fjords and fishing villages to trendy design districts, capture something truly original in Sweden & Norway.

Learn to compose, shoot and edit short videos and personal narratives among the many villages and landscapes of Sweden and Norway — two iconic Scandinavian countries.

Nestled between seven mountains, Bergen is home to cultural events, a hip waterfront district, vibrantly colored homes and warm locals.

The art and design capital of Sweden, this vibrant port city mixes high fashion, street art, a New Nordic food scene and boundless natural beauty.

Lofoten Islands
Inspiring Vikings and filmmakers alike, these breathtaking sea villages above the Arctic Circle astound with endless beaches and beauty in every direction.

Lose yourself in a thriving arts community as you experience a diverse mix of old and new cultures, modern museums and natural beauty.

Built on 14 islands and connected by 57 bridges, walk down cobblestone streets in one of the best preserved medieval yet design-forward cities in Europe.

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