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Curaçao Advanced Marine Biology 

Research Techniques & Methodologies


Curacao, and its island neighbors Bonaire and Aruba, comprise the western most string of the Leeward Antilles known as the ABC islands. With a geographic location just north of South America and a Dutch colonial history dating back to the 17th century, Curaçao is a true global melting pot that blends more than fifty nationalities and 142,000 people on an island of just 174 square miles.

As the largest of the ABC islands, Curaçao provides a unique opportunity to experience a quintessential tropical paradise along with a sophisticated, urban center. Here you can explore 40 different beaches with tranquil coves and bays teeming with marine life, then visit art galleries, enjoy a fine meal and soak in some night life in the capital city of Willemstad. It’s no wonder that tourists, divers and marine scientists all flock here.

Fringed by one of the healthiest reef systems in the Caribbean, Curaçao’s coral cover can be as high as 70% with an average of 65 individual species found at any site. From your base at the CARAMBI research institute, you’ll enjoy front row access to Curacao’s underwater treasures and learn the ins and outs of conducting ecological field experiments alongside professional researchers and scientists.

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New discoveries await you on this tiny Dutch island full of surprises.

Reefs are the crown jewel of the marine science. As one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, there’s no better place to bring out your inner researcher.

Klein Curacao
An uninhabited island is straight out of a castaway story with stretches of white sand dotted by shipwrecks, crystal clear water and an abandoned light house.

Mt. Christoffel
At 1,200 feet elevation, the hike up is worth the 360° views from the summit of the highest peak on the island.

Piscardera Bay
CARAMBI’s ecological research station is located at this large bay surrounded by mangroves, offering easy snorkel and dive access to the island’s reefs.

The capital city of Curaçao – a UNESCO World Heritage site – will charm you with its colorful Dutch colonial architecture, art scene and culinary delights.

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