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Peru Spanish & Culture 

Spanish Language and Culture


Hope you have comfortable hiking boots. Shortly after landing in Cusco, we lace up for a trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. What can be said of this archaeological wonder that a million travel guides haven’t already expressed? Well, that’s for you to discover and express, in Spanish. Our understanding of the language and appreciation of Peruvian culture deepens, as we make our way to a language school in the Sacred Valley town of Taray. The altitude and achievements are sky high.

In the Sacred Valley, or Urubamba Valley as it’s sometimes known, we immerse ourselves even further into the heart of Peru. Stroll through the colorful markets of Pisac, framed by mestizo and colonial architecture. Ride horseback to the rarely explored Inca city of Huchuy Quosqo, which in Quechua means “Little Cusco.” Take a side trip to the Maras salt flats and take in the breathtaking Andean views. The Incas clearly left their mark on the world in this area. Now it’s your turn.

Lastly, we head to Caraz, located in the Ancash Region of Peru, amid the Cordillera Blanca mountain range. Working alongside Peace Corps volunteers, we take an active role in community development projects designed to improve the landscape of Peru and the lives of its people.

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Vibrant cities. Majestic ruins. Natural wonders. From the Andes to the Amazon, Peru has it all.

Our map is dotted with off the beaten track destinations that allow you to learn Spanish and experience Peru in a whole new way.

Spanish and community service academic trek in PeruCusco
Lose yourself in Cusco’s bustling cobblestone streets and Plazas, its colorful markets and in the warmth of its people.

Academic adventures study Spanish and community Service in PeruMachu Picchu
Why was Machu Picchu built? The answers may become clearer as you hike to this famed fortress of ruins.

Community service teen camp in the AmazonPicaflor
A remote station on the Tambopata river. Its mission is to encourage serious field research while promoting conservation.

high school abroad study Spanish in PeruPisac
A small town in the Sacred Valley. It’s one of Peru’s largest fortress cities and an ideal place for study and exploration.

Community service in the Amazon for teensPuerto Maldonado
The rainforest comes alive in this capital of the Madre de Dios River region, not far from the Bolivian border.

A Sacred Valley town that’s wide open for learning and achievement. Home of the AMAUTA Spanish language school.

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