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Spain & Morocco Multimedia Studies 


No matter where we go, whether it’s a tapas cafe in Madrid, the famed Alhambra in the southern Spanish city of Granada or the writerly cafes of multi-cultural Tangier, our experiences in Spain and Morocco provide an endless well of creative inspiration.

Take everything you see, smell, taste and feel and transform those unique experiences into a one-of-a-kind multimedia narrative. Combine technical craft with a creative eye and ear as you interpret the trendy vibe of Marrakech, the old world charm of Fes or the stark beauty of the Sahara.

From breathtaking Andalucía in Spain to Morocco’s most iconic, captivating, historic and confounding cities, learn to think like a photographer, writer, videographer and journalist while you discover an entirely new voice – yours.

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Spain & Morocco

Discover a romantic and windswept backdrop of walled medinas, world capitals, tiny villages and a city that’s entirely blue.

Learn how to employ multiple narrative techniques as you turn a simple hook into a fully fleshed-out travel, video and photojournalistic essay.

Photograph the Chefchaouen medina, Morocco's famed Blue City in the Rif MountainsChefchaouen
Located in the shadow of the Rif mountain range, this picturesque Moroccan city is painted almost entirely in blue.

Capture Fes's colorful tannery on this multimedia adventure for high school studentsFes
Pass through the Bab Boujloud (Blue Gate) and experience a beautifully preserved medieval city that’s at once modern and frozen in time.

Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada range, this eclectic melting pot is a mixture of old and new, Spanish and Arabic, cozy and vast.

The capital city of Spain, Madrid is one of Europe's top destinations for art and culture. Tapas, flamenco, museums and live music abound!

Be inspired by Marrakesh's stunning Islamic architechture on this travel writing trip for teens.Marrakesh
Souk meets chic in this city of eternal cool. Sample authentic Moroccan cuisine and browse the city’s night markets — a sight to behold.

Explore and write about the markets of Tangier on Morocco's Mediterranean coast with other high schoolers.Tangier
Visit famous cafes and writer haunts in this modern and cosmopolitan port city, where multiple faiths and people intersect.

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