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Italy & France Physical Science 


Learn to understand the natural world from an entirely new perspective and incomparable heights, as we climb high into the heart of the Alps. Those with a passion for the Earth Sciences will feel right at home alongside magnificent glaciers, green valleys and clear night skies. Collaborate with professional scientists while working at astronomy and geologic research stations. Then, learn from volcano experts in Southern Italy on some of the most iconic and active volcanoes in the world.

For hundreds of years, naturalists, geologists, astronomers, climatologists and even volcanologists have ventured to France and Italy seeking knowledge. Now it’s your turn as we set out to harness and apply STEM skills in a real-world setting, and learn to interpret the natural world as a scientist would.

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France & Italy

From glaciers and rocky cliffs to the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, see France and Italy as few tourists ever do.

Thousands of years of geologic activity have shaped the French Alps and the volcanic isles of Southern Italy. Now, these unique landscapes can be the learning ground that help shape your future path.

Enter an Alpine fortress high above sea level and far from the ordinary. Inside its city walls, explore ancient cathedrals in a picturesque old town.

Just off the coast of Sicily, pumice-rich Lipari was formed by a succession of volcanic activity, thousands of years ago.

Mt. Vesuvius
This still-active volcano last erupted in 1944 yet its place in history books is when it famously buried ancient Pompeii in 79 AD.

Naples draws romantics with its grand museums, open-air singers, incomparable Italian food and jewel-like bay.

Parc National des Écrins
This protected area offers steep trails, whitewater rapids, granite peaks and Medieval Villages you won't find anywhere else.

Vulcano Island
While it hasn't experienced a major eruption since 1888, Vulcano remains a key field lab for researchers.

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