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Costa Rica & Panama Primate Behavior and Conservation 

Primate Biology and Behavior


Turrialba is a quiet town in Costa Rica’s Central Valley region. The nearby Pacuare is less quiet. In fact, it’s a roaring river that runs through rural Costa Rica and a good place to spot monkeys in the tress above. The thrilling Pacuare is Point A on a trip where the ultimate thrills come from seeing New World monkeys in their natural habitats. Save some adrenaline for El Zota, a biological field station in the diverse Limon province. Welcome to primatology paradise.

Monkeys cross borders. As do you as you make your way to Isla Colon in Panama’s Bocas del Toro — a Caribbean archipelago. For years, large-scale banana production took place here, and wherever there are bananas, there are monkeys. Visit areas where poaching as well Then its back to Costa Rica.

“Costa Rica was an amazing place to learn about primates. The people were friendly and the places we stayed at were beautiful. ” — Melissa Arango, Conway, SC

Our next habitat is an animal rehabilitation center in Manuel Antonio National Park on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Enter via Quepos and discover bays filled with dolphins and whales and a rainforest teeming with monkeys. The rare squirrel monkey (not on map above) is definitely here. Come find it.

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Costa Rica & Panama

Columbus came. de Léon came. Now here you come, ready to explore a whole new world of monkeys.

They’re in the jungles, up in the cecropia trees, on the beaches, and overlooking rivers. In Panama and Costa Rica, the monkeys are all around you.

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