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Scandinavia Urban Design 


Welcome to Scandinavia, the epicenter 21st century sustainable urban design. As you explore the trademark cities of Sweden and Denmark by bike, on foot, in a kayak and on a Segway, discover an authentic Nordic experience that seamlessly blends modern urban living with environmental responsibility.

Explore your passions with an eye toward your own future as you trek from the clean waterways of Stockholm and solar-powered communities of Växjö to sustainably-chic Malmö and bike-friendly Copenhagen. Engage with policymakers, planners and everyday Scandinavians as you think critically about sustainable city design and bring new ideas forward.

“The trip was a real growing experience and helped develop more confidence, awareness, and a greater global perspective.” — Kathleen S., Calgary AB

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Sweden & Denmark

These two countries have emerged as global thought leaders and true pioneers in the area of sustainable urban design.

Discover a place where bold initiatives have been allowed to incubate and purposeful design has yielded intelligent transportation systems, large-scale green energy solutions and more.

A hotbed for sustainable design, this livable city is home to iconic architecture, world-class museums and a thriving local food culture.

Hammarby Sjöstad
Enter a unique district in Stockholm’s south, where residents are bound together by a commitment to conservation and a shared vision of a green future.

Youthful energy abounds and a burgeoning art and design scene spills out into its pedestrian-friendly and “car-less” streets.

Built on 14 islands and connected by 57 bridges, walk down cobblestone streets in one of the best preserved medieval yet design-forward cities in Europe.

Considered by many as Europe’s greenest city, it is well on its way toward becoming fossil fuel-free by 2030.

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