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Costa Rica Pre-Veterinary Medical Experience 

Introduction to Veterinary Science


Covered in rainforest. Surrounded by wildlife. Perfect for real-world veterinary experience. In this green volcanic country, vervet monkeys play in the interior rainforest. Hummingbirds flutter all the way up the canopy. Sloths slowly meander from tree to tree. And those are just the wild animals.

In Santa Clara, work on a dairy farm diagnosing cow pregnancies and remove parasites from the underserved dog population. Perform physical exams on horses before journeying to Manuel Antonio National Park to lend a hand at the wildlife sanctuary and shadow the local veterinarian. At the end of your intensive veterinary experience, you won't believe all that you have learned in just 3 short weeks!

“I gained more veterinary experience in three weeks than I ever thought possible. The techniques I learned and the confidence I gained will definitely be useful to me in the future.” — Cassandra Bianco, Brooklyn, NY

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Costa Rica

Discover veterinary medicine in a seriously cool setting — authentic, charming and lush Costa Rica.

With its rolling hills, volcanic peaks and incredible rainforests, Costa Rica facilitates personal growth and professional development in paradise.

La Fortuna
Home of Costa Rica's most active volcano, Arenal, La Fortuna is full of natural wonders including hot springs and a 250 ft. waterfall.

Manuel Antonio National Park
A wide range of flora and fauna, including four species of monkeys and 184 species of birds, make this national park home.

San Pedro - Costa RicaSan Pedro
This metropolitan city is home to the oldest university in Costa Rica, Universidad de Costa Rica, and is the perfect place to experience city life.

Santa Clara
A major center for ranching and agriculture, this city harbors Costa Rica's largest dairy cooperative, as well as several hot springs.

Teen travel campsSarapiquí
Running from the Central Mountain Range to the Nicaragua border, this scenic river is a popular rafting spot.

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