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Bali Pre-Veterinary Medicine & Exotic Animal Care 


Venture beyond the ordinary in an Indonesian paradise of sea temples, volcanoes, rice terraces, beaches and rainforests. Raft down a mighty river, plus encounter hundreds of animal species in rescue centers as well as in their natural habitats. This journey takes you to vibrant cities and charming villages.

In North Sulawesi, a short flight from Bali, find yourself surrounded by thick jungle and exotic beaches, as you set out to perform hands-on field medicine to animals in need. The air is salty coming off the Sulawesi Sea, just steps from your Eco Lodge. Back in Ubud, Bali’s cultural epicenter, attend an authentic Kecak Fire Dance and take part in batik-making, cooking and other traditional Ubudian workshops.

Lastly in Serangan, on the western coast of Bali, dive in to shark conservation work and come face-to-face with schools of giant manta rays at Manta Point. No matter where you go in Bali, it’s like no place else in the world.

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Bali & North Sulawesi

Bali is a tropical landscape that offers ample opportunity to encounter and work with rare, exotic and endangered animals.

Come experience a different side of veterinary medicine on another side of the world.

A central Bali village that remains home to the Tabanan royal family. Explore Balinese palaces and gorgeous beaches.

Serangan, IndonesiaSerangan
An island off the coast of southern Bali, Serangan is home to a sacred temple and popular with a variety of marine life.

black sandy beaches and ancient temples make up the beautiful region of tabananTabanan
Relax on black sand beaches and explore sacred temples, built hundreds of years ago on the tops of misty mountains and in forests filled with guardian monkeys.

The cultural, artistic and spiritual center of Bali, Ubud overflows with temples, rice fields, food and dancing.

An active trading hub on North Sulawesi that’s teeming with volcanoes, wildlife and underwater treasures.

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