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Scandinavia Video Studies - College 


Advance your videography skills against the full-frame beauty of Scandinavia – a natural backdrop that has inspired countless filmmakers. 

video production summer program for high schoolers in Scandinavia Scandinavia videography and filmmaking summer camp for teens filmmaking summer program in Sweden and Norway for high school students

Turn your lens onto the staggering natural wonders, historic architecture and welcoming people of Scandinavia. Learn how to frame and compose everything you capture. Pilot a video drone and take your camera into uncharted places. Practice the art of editing and transform raw footage into memorable narratives. All you need is a video camera and a willingness to push yourself. The inspiration is all around.

Spend 21 days crossing multiple countries and landscapes while earning college credit. Discover how composition transforms an ordinary scene on Stockholm’s cobblestoned streets into something magical. Head north of the Arctic Circle for a sea kayak adventure in Norway’s Lofoten Islands, a paradise of granite cliffs and turquoise beaches. Hike rugged coastline, explore fairytale fishing villages, ferry to Gotland through a 24,000-island archipelago, then build your own log raft for a journey down the Klarälven river. Through it all, you’ll acquire hours of real time and stop-motion footage to edit into short films or videos for social media. After riding the Oslo-Bergen railway through fjords and forests, losing yourself in Bryggen and falling in love with the waters of Kjerringoy, you’ll leave with new video expertise, a growing body of work and the desire to keep your camera rolling.

Itinerary, Map and Earn & Learn content for this program coming soon!  

international film summer program for high schoolers
“Exploring new places with new people, forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, allowed for the most self-growth and empowerment. It was definitely an unforgetable experience that changed me in ways I never would have expected.” — Casey C., Hillsborough, CA


  • Learn the basics of video from shooting to editing footage
  • Sea kayak above the Arctic Circle in the Lofoten Islands
  • Build a log raft and float down the Klarälven river
  • Explore the vibrant cities of Göteborg, Stockholm, Bergen and Oslo

Experience Required

  • No previous experience required, but previous shooting and editing experience preferred

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Costs & Dates

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  • College
  • 3 Credits
  • Locations
  • Bergen
  • Göteborg
  • Lofoten Islands
  • Oslo

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