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British Columbia Marine Mammal Ecology 

Immerse yourself in the world of harbor seals, humpback whales, grey whales, orcas, porpoises and sea lions that converge each summer on the B.C. coastline.  

College marine biology students listen to a professional in an outdoor classroom setting Study friendly whales and dolphins in British Columbia with Broadreach Students gain hands-on experience with marine biology research in Canada
Study marine mammal skeletons at a British Columbia museum College students gather around a fire on a beach in Canada Future marine biologists gather to learn research techniques A marine scientist leads a lesson for Broadreach College students Kayak through the waterways of British Columbia to discover diverse marine life College students camp along the British Columbia coast to gain real world experience with marine biology Students study seals in natural habitat Students practice their new research skills through the microscope
College students enjoy a sunny boat ride as they view marine mammals in Canada Adventurous student kayaking in British Columbia is joined by a whale near their boat Marine science students complete projects and gain hands-on experience in the field Student at a research station studies new data on marine mammals Kayaking and being in the water off the Western coast of Canada is the best way to experience marine life

Join a group of fellow naturalists-in-training to study marine mammals in their natural habitats. Live and work at a world-renowned field research station and carry out your own projects under the guidance of professional marine mammal scientists and naturalists. Assist with whale behavior research, tracking and data collection. As your knowledge base deepens, your thirst for even greater adventures continues. Sea kayak in remote waters and explore the diversity and abundance of mammals that exist here. Learn about the First Nations who have inhabited the islands for thousands of years. It's an epic adventure that will not only develop your passion for marine mammals, but will leave you with a wealth of knowledge to use towards their preservation and conservation. 

Marine Science College Study Abroad Program
“Learning about what you love in a beautiful, scenic setting, with animals in the wild is something that makes every day memorable.” — Tanvi Vasan, Bangalore, India


  • Earn 3 college marine science credits
  • Study orcas, whales, dolphins and porpoises in their natural habitat
  • Live and study at a renowned field research station
  • Carry out your own research alongside scientists
  • Assist with whale behavior research, tracking and data collection
  • Kayak the Barkley Sound and Johnstone Strait
  • Spend the night at the Vancouver Aquarium
  • Snorkel with seals

Experience Required

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • High school graduate
  • High school or college Biology
  • Minimum GPA: 2.50
  • Completed at least one semester at college or graduated high school over a year ago

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Costs & Dates

British Columbia Marine Mammal Ecology
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  • College
Community Service & Academics
  • 5 Hours
  • 3 Credits
  • Locations
  • Deer Island Group
  • Johnstone Strait
  • Nanaimo

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