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Broadreach School Partnerships

Faculty led programs and Customized program design

The Challenge:

A diverse, experienced, well traveled student population is critical to the vitality of the student body at any institution. In today’s world, providing students with the opportunity to engage in experiential learning in a foreign country is critical to developing tomorrow’s truly global citizens. At colleges with a smaller student body, or when it comes to offering more unique program offerings, the challenge of recruiting enough students to make a program financially and logistically viable adds an additional challenge to this list.

The Solution:

In addition to our summer study abroad programs for individual college students, Broadreach College also offers university faculty the opportunity to sponsor or lead their own programs. We offer faculty expertise, world class educational opportunities and comprehensive program support. These turnkey solutions to short term study abroad programs take the headache out of program planning and allow university faculty to concentrate on what they do best: teaching young adults about the world around them.

Benefits of using Broadreach College to coordinate your faculty led programs:

  • Experience – We have 20 years of experience coordinating international travel for student groups.
  • Safety – Our risk evaluation and emergency planning process is thorough.
  • We conduct risk management surveys to evaluate our partners risk management plans.
  • We develop emergency action plans for each location we visit.
  • Risk Analysis – We conduct a thorough risk analysis of the areas our programs visit.
  • Through our local networks of contacts we stay up to date with the latest developments in the region.
  • Risk Management – We have years of experience in the areas we visit, a network of professional local contacts.
  • We perform an annual risk management review of each of our courses and local partners.
  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness – a thorough emergency action plan at each visited location including: evacuation resources, local doctors and hospitals.
  • Partners – We have established relationships with local field stations, researchers, guides, and activity partners.
  • Academics – We provide all academic materials (Syllabus, Lesson Plans, Assessments)
  • Teaching – Lessons can be taught be Broadreach Faculty or University Faculty.
  • Immersion – We provide hands on academics in a real world setting.
  • Locations – we select the best locations in the globe for hands-on study and immersion in your topic of choice.
  • Reduce workload / responsibility for Professors – we take care of logistics, reservations, payments, budgeting, risk analysis, etc.
  • Credit Options – Students can earn college credit from Lesley University or from their home institution.
  • Flexibility – Use our pre-designed and approved curriculum or modify the lesson content to suit your particular interests and needs.
  • Continuity – Your school or department can offer this course year after year without having to rely on a single professor.
  • Support – not only are we on call through the planning process, but we also provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency phone coverage throughout the duration of the program.

The Process:

Faculty or study abroad offices who are interested in setting up a Broadreach study abroad course generally commit to recruiting a certain number of their students to participate in the program (usually 6-15 students). Depending on the size of this group, the faculty may sign up for an exclusive program (only students from their home institution) or for a consortium program (multiple groups from different universities are combined on a single program). In either case, Broadreach will provide University faculty with all the materials necessary to have the course approved by their department and study abroad office and marketing materials (posters, slideshow, flyers, website, etc) to help recruit interested students. Broadreach provides all necessary academic materials, lesson plans, and possible activities available in country, to run a successful academic course.

During the program, a Broadreach staff member will accompany the group and handle all logistics, reservations, excursions, accommodations, etc. The University faculty will be responsible for teaching the lessons that are included in the syllabus (provided by us). Broadreach also offers the option of having our trip leaders as well as in country guides and contacts who are experts in the field assist with or teach the lessons while in the target country.

Broadreach provides:

  • Complete program itinerary.
  • Coordination of flights, travel logistics, visas.
  • Reservations, accommodations, activity planning.
  • Complete academic manual (including syllabus, lesson plans, evaluations)
  • Coordinate Guest lectures by local experts, in country contacts and trip leaders.
  • In country guides and support during program.
  • Marketing material (posters, website, program descriptions, photos)
  • Risk Management evaluations, Emergency Action Plans
  • Enrolled student paperwork (packing list, travel information)
  • Pre-trip orientation materials for Faculty.
  • Pre-trip orientation materials for students.
  • All supporting materials to get program approved by university. (Budgeting, Risk Analysis, Itinerary, etc.)
  • Marketing website – to assist professor with recruiting students.

University Faculty:

  • Works with department heads and study abroad office to gain program approval.
  • Recruit students through classroom discussions and study abroad fairs.
  • Attends and leads pre-departure orientation meeting
  • Teach academic lectures on program (optional).

Interested in learning more about designing your own program with Broadreach?

Please contact Nate Trappe via email or via 1-919-256-8208 to discuss program options and which are going to work best for you and your students.

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