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Skills & Certifications

College credit is just the beginning.

Shark behavior in Fiji. Photography in Iceland. Global medicine and public health in India. No matter what topic you choose to study or where you choose to study it, you will emerge from a Broadreach study abroad program with so much more than book knowledge or credit on your transcript. Exploring your chosen field from a live-aboard sailboat/floating classroom or in an underwater marine park will inevitably teach you new skills and award your achievements with internationally recognized certifications.


PADI Scuba Certifications

Broadreach is proud to be a PADI 5-star training facility. From the introductory Open Water Diver to professional level Divemaster or Scuba Instructor, Broadreach students have opportunities to earn hundreds of scuba certifications each year. Where applicable, scuba courses and certifications are woven in to our programs to facilitate experiential learning beyond the classroom.

International Yacht Training

Broadreach students who participate in our live-aboard sailing programs can earn internationally recognized sailing certifications from International Yacht Training Worldwide. From International Crew to Flotilla Skipper or Watchkeeper, these courses are designed to teach hard skills, situational awareness, Risk Management and leadership aboard a sailing vessel.

Wilderness Medical Training

Students who venture to the Dominican Republic have an opportunity to spend 80-hours in the field working toward a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification from Wilderness Medical Associates. This is excellent training for a career in the outdoors, pre-med or wherever life leads.

Community Service

Service work is an integral part of virtually every trip. Beyond making a real contribution to the communities we visit, it provides rich opportunities for learning, personal growth, leadership development and cultural understanding. Our students consistently tell us that the service work was the most meaningful part of their trip, offering them remarkable perspectives on other people and places, as well as their own role in the world.



Be comfortable at the helm. We give our students the space and opportunities they need to grow into effective leaders. Teaching leadership theories only goes so far. Immersing students in hands-on scenarios that demand a leader raises it to a new latitude.

Safe Travel Practices

Emergency Action Plans are always in place. Staff member have extensive safety training and at least one staff member has received medical training as a Wilderness First Responder. Students are taught to assess risk and make informed and responsible choices. No matter where we go in the world, safety is always a top priority.


Experience a strong sense of it — among the peers in your group, with the families you live with on a homestay experience, and in the neighborhoods you inhabit. A Broadreach College experience is always about something bigger than career advancement.


Join small groups of like-minded students and band together to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of particular topic or part of the world. Our students learn how to give and take and work in teams — negotiating, supporting, and compromising — to achieve a greater good.

Cultural Exploration

We take students from traditional Fijian villages to crèches in India, and from remote Aymara communities in Chile to living rooms of host families on Guadeloupe. Living and working among other cultures and communities is always an eye-opening experience. Students gain perspective and a deeper sense of their place in the world.

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