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Our Approach

Course Design

It’s how and where we learn that sets our programs apart. We offer comprehensive educational programs that strike the right balance between formal academic instruction, field-based study, skill-building and learning through volunteer work. Our destinations are determined by how they will provide students with real-world opportunities for educational and personal growth.

At Broadreach College, you’ll discover a study abroad program like no other — one where you join your professor on a Costa Rican beach at midnight to count sea turtle eggs and survey nests, or where you observe New World primates in their natural habitats. To meet course objectives, our syllabi blend relevant lectures, taught by professors and professional instructors, with dynamic learning approaches until we are completely immersed. We partner with local research institutes, schools and NGOs to give our students opportunities to work alongside professionals in the field. At every stop on the itinerary, we learn by doing, researching and giving back.

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